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What’s New on VC+ in August 2020?

If you’re a regular visitor to Visual Capitalist, you know that we’re your home base for data-driven, visual storytelling that helps explain a complex world.

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New to VC+ in August 2020

VC+ is our members program that gives you exclusive access to extra visual content and insightful special features. It also gets you access to The Trendline, our new members-only graphic newsletter.

So, what is getting sent to VC+ members in the coming weeks?

“What’s Powering the World?”

SPECIAL DISPATCH: 10 Visuals That Illustrate Energy Trends

Energy isn’t just a driving force in the markets, it’s the lifeblood of the world. Yet in each country, the state of energy is different.

While clean energy production climbs in some regions, fossil fuels are growing in others. All the while, our needs are increasing while our traditional reserves are dwindling, increasing both competition and innovation.

In this VC+ special dispatch, we paint a clear picture of energy consumption and production today, as well as where energy is likely headed.

Publishing date: August 6 (Get VC+ to access)

The Sketchbook

SPECIAL DISPATCH: Exploring New Concepts and Thought Exercises in a Visual Format

“The Sketchbook” is a new VC+ special dispatch format which uses visual communication techniques to showcase ideas from the world’s most compelling thinkers. From diagrams explaining mental models to visually mapping out complex relationships, this special dispatch is all about uncovering new insights through rapid prototyping.

Publishing date: August 13 (Get VC+ to access)

The Evolution of the Cannabis Market, Visualized

SPECIAL DISPATCH: A Close Look at This Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

The global cannabis market has experienced some peaks and troughs over the last number of years.

Despite some challenges, countries across the globe continue to legalize, and the industry continues to innovate at a furious pace.

In this VC+ special dispatch, we look at how this nascent industry has evolved into a multi-billion dollar market, and dive into some of the fascinating innovations that are propelling the industry forward.

Publishing date: August 20 (Get VC+ to access)

The Trendline

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The Trendline

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